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What’s the opposite of “schadenfreude”?

Shep naches is Yiddish for “happiness at another’s success”. No idea how to pronounce it but it sure sounds wonderful. Advertisements

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3-Michelin star chef Clare Smyth is epitome of “quiet strength”

Clare Smyth, 34, is currently one of the top female chefs in the world. At the tender age of 29, she was appointed head chef of Gordon Ramsay’s at Royal Hospital Road in London. Scrambling to the top of a male-dominated industry … Continue reading

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Mind map of “Authentic Happiness” book

Have you ever asked yourself what it means to be happy? Here is one possible answer. “Authentic Happiness” was written by Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology in 1999. Most of conventional psychology was focused on the negative – … Continue reading

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Review of MindMaple mind mapping software

I’ve been trying out quite a few mind mapping software programmes recently. Between the corporate big boys and the freeware, there is a newcomer who aims to occupy the space in-between. MindMaple is a new company. At the moment, MindMaple … Continue reading

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Learning faster with mind mapping software

Many of us have spent years in formal education and various training and classes. To you, what does it mean to learn? To me, learning consists of two processes: Seeing patterns of related information, and Making connections between existing knowledge (what you … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Sorry, Strivers – Talent Matters –”

None of this is to deny the power of practice. Nor is it to say that it’s impossible for a person with an average I.Q. to, say, earn a Ph.D. in physics. It’s just unlikely, relatively speaking. Sometimes the story … Continue reading

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How to learn twice as fast with voice reading software programmes

Do you ever mumble quietly while reading a book? Or repeat a phone number to yourself in an attempt to remember it? In psychology, we learnt about the dual-coding theory. This theory says that we encode information in our working … Continue reading

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