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Borderlinx overcharges its customers with inaccurate cost calculator

I have been using various shipping services to purchase items from US web sites. The three most popular shipping services in Singapore are vPost, Comgateway, and Borderlinx. I had a nasty shock with Borderlinx recently when I purchased some camera … Continue reading

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Profitable Plots case prompts SIAS to urge regulation of land banking

The Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS) has called for the strict regulation of land banking investments, after hundreds of investors here filed complaints against British firm Profitable Plots. The disgruntled investors claim that the company has not been transparent in … Continue reading

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SIAS finally acts on Profitable Plots issue

Almost one year after the issue was first reported in the newspapers, Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS) is finally taking action to assist investors who have invested in the land banking company Profitable Plots. Profitable Plots is currently being investigated … Continue reading

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Top 10 excuses for not paying on time

A big part of running your own company is making sure that you are paid on time. Actually my expectations have gone down so much I’m happy as long as I’m paid what I’m owed – the “on-time” part is … Continue reading

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Walton International feeling the heat

With recent reports that land banking company The Profitable Group is in trouble, it is no wonder that this advertisement appeared in The Straits Times today: Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd is the other major land banking player in … Continue reading

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Is the Profitable Group a scam?

There was a report on 29 May 2010 in Today Online of 12 disgruntled investors turning up at the office of the UK land banking company Profitable Group to demand their owed payouts of around $700,000. They claimed they took … Continue reading

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Are you a saver or a spender?

I met a friend for lunch recently. Every time I see him, I’m always awed by his financial situation. He earns a very healthy six-figure salary as a senior professional. But unlike most of his peers, he is extremely scrupulous … Continue reading

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