Why you should buy only official batteries

As a follow-up to the extended battery scam post, I tested the original battery of the HTC Evo 3D (rated at 1730mAh) with the Computerized Battery Analyzer. I used the same testing methodology as before, and here are the results:

CBA discharge test for HTC Evo 3D official battery (1730mAh)

The result showed a battery capacity of 1508mAh. This is 87% of its rated capacity. For a 5 month old battery, the result is acceptable. It is holding its charge reasonably well, losing capacity (also known as “aging”) at an average rate of 2.6% per month.

Let’s compare this result against the two test runs for the Trexcell 3500 extended battery:

CBA discharge test - official (1730mAh in black) vs Trexcell (3500mAh in blue, green)

The official standard battery outperformed the Trexcell extended battery in every way. The starting voltage was higher at 4.24V instead of around 4.08V. The capacity was 82% higher, and the discharge was quite constant. Unlike the Trexcell, there was no sudden dip near the end which could catch users by surprise.

So the result is clear. Don’t waste money and time on third-party extended batteries. Whatever savings you think you’re getting is simply wishful thinking.

You might pay a bit more for official batteries, but you know you’re getting a quality product that delivers on its promises.


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3 Responses to Why you should buy only official batteries

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  2. Lynnete Damiano says:

    This is very interesting! I would report the findings to the battery manufacture!I personally just purchased a mugen 3500 mah battery which was no bargain at over 100$ USD. So far the battery seems AMAZING. I’m at 100% for two hours heavy use and down to 42% at 19 hours heavy use.I would love to see how this battery fairs as a test subject.I purchased directly from mugen its self to avoid counterfeit “mugen” batteries.if you could purchases one yourself directly from mugen and run this test it would be very interesting to see how it fares as a subject.I hardly consider it a bargain battery at over 100 dollars! So if you can will you please test this battery directly from mugen? I certainly hope it’s not falling into the scam category! The life I’ve gotten from this battery has been truly amazing and I have no doubt it will At the least fare better then the stock HTC battery which was absolutely pathetic in battery life! However I wonder how much under actual compasity it is running ? I’m sure many people would be interested in these findings and mugen itself should be notified if running under printed compasity. This scam needs to be stopped.we are paying good money for batteries such as mugen.I think it’s very important to run a test on mugen! If they Arerunning under compasity then they need to be exposed!please consider testing mugen.thank you for the very informative Article! Looking forward to the results if you do test mugen! Best wishes.

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