How to check your HTC phone’s manufacturer warranty

A secondhand smartphone can make a sweet bargain as its value depreciates rapidly when the next wave of glittering new toys arrive.

For example, I bought a 2-week old HTC Evo 3D in Nov 2011 at S$470. It was launched in Aug 2011 at a recommended retail price of $895. That’s almost half the price.

Popular models hold their value better. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note came to Singapore in Nov 2011 with a price tag of $998. Used sets currently go for around $680 to $700, a smaller 30% drop.

Apple iPhones also enjoy low depreciation. In addition to its popularity, it’s also because new iPhone launches are an annual affair unlike Android smartphones where new models are launched practically every month.

But how do you protect yourself against phone defects? HTC has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Even if the seller didn’t give you the purchase receipt, the phone is still covered.

How’s here you can check for your HTC phone’s warranty:

  1. Call the HTC customer service hotline at 1800 238 7788.
  2. Remove the back cover and battery.
  3. Provide the serial number (S/N).

HTC will let you know the expiry date of your warranty.

HTC contact info

When I bought my Evo 3D, I should have checked the warranty on the spot. But the seller was in a rush for an appointment, so I took him at face value when he claimed the handset was two weeks old.

So I verified it later by calling HTC and quoting them the serial number. I was surprised when told that my warranty ends on 12 Nov 2012. Honesty is a rare virtue these days. 🙂

So buy used and buy smart.


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16 Responses to How to check your HTC phone’s manufacturer warranty

  1. i called HTC the other day to check on the warranty. The stuck up operator refuse to tell me the exact date of my warranty expiry. He said that he can only tell me that this phone is currently within the warranty period and that’s all he can tell me. WTF!

  2. Chuong says:

    How to you know second hand phone is still covered under warranty? I’m trying to find out before calling in. And from what I read from warranty statement doesn’t sound good. They only honor warranty for original purchaser.

  3. Zhao Yongyuan says:

    Pls check my HTC one x warranty date expired ?

  4. Zhao Yongyuan says:

    Pls check my HTC one x expired date! (Imei 359188047596093.)
    device no. Mb231w109273.

  5. Warranty of my phone htc A310e

  6. Nagaraj Sona says:

    Thanks Dude It Really Help Full (Ill Share with all my friends to find HTC Manufacture date & sold in where).

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