Jeremy Lin is all NY Times can talk about

I subscribe to NY Times’s daily email news round-up. All 3 items in the Sports section today are about Jeremy Lin, the American-Chinese NBA sensation who has been burning up the courts and social networks for the past 2 weeks.

Read about the Lin-sanity phenomenon below:

At the Buzzer, It’s All Lin

“I’m thankful that my coach and my teammates trust me with the ball at the end of the game.”

Jeremy Lin tries hard to deflect praise to his team mates. His humility is a big part of his burgeoning popularity. 

In China, an Instant Star and an Emerging Symbol

“His jerseys have sold out, even including the counterfeit ones”

Once 1.4 billion Chinese people embrace Jeremy Lin as their own, his commercial success is assured, so long as he’s careful not to mention politics and religion. Everybody wants to use him for their own agenda.

Coach’s Ideal Model to Teach Pick-and-Roll

 “And a lot of guys take him for granted,” Sellers said he was told. “You know, you’re not used to seeing — no disrespect — you’re not used to seeing Asian guys that good, that athletic.”

Life is going to get harder for Jeremy Lin once his opponents stop underestimating him.

If you don’t know what a “pick-and-roll” is, check out this helpful video.

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