Round-up of Samsung Galaxy Note Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy Note (a.k.a. Samsung GT-N7000) is a hybrid smartphone-tablet. At 5.3″ of screen real estate, that makes it either the largest smartphone, or the tiniest tablet on the market right now.

Its hottest selling point is the built-in capacitative stylus (it’s the 1990s all over again). From what I’ve seen so far, the stylus is incredibly precise and accurate. The stylus also has a button which enables custom shortcut gestures.

Personally, I am most enamoured of the 1280 x 800 HD-quality screen resolution. Just imagine the resolution of a laptop on a smartphone that fits into my pocket.

The pixel density of 285 ppi is also one of the highest around. In practical terms, anything above 200 ppi makes for perfectly readable screens. With 285 ppi, the Samsung Galaxy Note’s screen is super smooth, and makes it near impossible to differentiate individual pixels.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has just been released a couple of days ago, and already we can see user reviews popping up all over the Internet.

This is one device that I would love to get my hands on (I am experiencing a tiny smidgeon of buyer’s remorse right now, perhaps I shouldn’t have rushed to order the Huawei Mediapad..).

Full specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note are available from GSM Arena.

Here’s the review round-up for your research:

There’s much to like about the Samsung Galaxy Note. The screen is quite simply stunning; colourful, radiant and as finely defined as the word “dictionary”. It’s super quick, and Samsung’s Touchwiz UI on top of Gingerbread is a joy to use.

via Pocket-lint – Samsung Galaxy Note review.

The Galaxy Note is one of those devices that you’ll either completely love or totally hate — its sheer size alone will certainly be a barrier for those with smaller hands (or pockets).

via Engadget – Samsung Galaxy Note review.

It’s very well feature-packed, although some of its aspects haven’t been executed in the best possible way. For example, call quality is very poor, while the camera is fine, but nothing industry-leading.

via Phone Arena – Samsung GALAXY Note Review – Performance and Conclusion.

Would I recommend this device? Hell yeah! I think Samsung is tapping into the enterprise category and this device with be a strong contender in this category.

via Android Authority – Samsung Galaxy Note Review – Pictures & First Impressions.

I realise how silly this sounds, but the Note is big. Really big.

via AndroidNZ: The Galaxy Note “Real-user” Review: Part 1 – Unboxing, Initial impressions, Design/build quality, Screen and Benchmarks.

The Samsung Galaxy Note’s huge size is both its biggest asset and its biggest drawback. If you can live with its hugeness, the Note is one of the more powerful and flexible Android phones out there.

via CNET UK – Samsung Galaxy Note review

The Galaxy Note may not prove to be Samsung’s best-seller of the quarter, but those who succumb to its sizable charms will have a smartphone/hybrid that’s attention-grabbing in every sense.

via SlashGear – Samsung Galaxy Note review

If there’s one thing about the Galaxy Note which is going to divide opinion it’s the size, which of course has been designed entirely with its function and purpose in mind.

via Know Your Mobile – Samsung Galaxy Note review (first look)

There aren’t many units for sale at the moment, this is the only one I could find online.

Updated on 8 Nov 2011: Added more reviews and content.

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