Things they say – Lui Tuck Yew 1

i am sure this may not apply to you given that you have now taken the trouble to write this note but unfortunately I encounter some people whose minds are made up and whose main intent seem to be to slow us down in our outreach. And nothing, we say, no explanation we give whether to do with cost of living, etc will ever be good enough.

The pragmatic way to deal with this is simply to disengage at an opportune moment.

Dont worry, it didnt leave a sour note with me nor a poor impression of you.


Lui Tuck Yew

For the full details of the incident, check out the following website first.

The above was an email circulating on the Internet, purportedly an interaction between MP Lui Tuck Yew and a long-time Moulmein resident where Lui was serving.

Apparently Lui Tuck Yew stormed off angrily after the resident had asked him why he should vote for Lui in the General Election. The resident then emailed him to explain his intentions, but Lui somehow mistook it for an apology note.

I’m not sure how authentic this email is. But it has rich detail and was written with great sincerity. Now, if the above account of the PAP minster was indeed true, he would have made the following impression on me:

He didn’t listen with humility the honest feedback given by one of his constituents. He avoided answering a simple and straightforward question. His mind was closed to the possibility that the policies of his government could be imperfect. He didn’t deign to spend more time to listen, instead feeling that honest and sincere questions were a nuisance and a waste of his precious time. He didn’t feel the need to connect with his voters, walkabouts are merely a necessary evil to be endured for one month every 5 years.

Could this be a unforeseen consequence of the Group Representative Constituency system? After all, Lui Tuck Yew has never faced an electoral battle before in his political career, having been handed free tickets into Parliament courtesy of walkovers in his constituency.

For all intent and purposes, Lui was chosen by the PAP and not by Singaporeans. His election battle was fought in the PAP tea sessions. Therefore, it is conceivable that he feels that his loyalty lies with the ruling party, and not Singaporeans.

In the end, the authenticity of the email doesn’t even matter. We would not have believed this of an opposition candidate because we know they need our votes. We probably would not have been as willing to believe it if it were a PAP candidate in a single constituency ward.

But because it involved a PAP minister who had never been directly voted into Parliament by the voters, Singaporeans won’t give him the benefit of the doubt.


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8 Responses to Things they say – Lui Tuck Yew 1

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  2. Soojenn says:

    GCT seems to have the same view for that matter, deleting all if not most of the negative comments on his fb, blocking out posters eventually, and they claim to want ot hear the residents feedback? really?

    Most of these ministers have NOT only been not voted by Singaporeans in parliament, some have been actually voted out, only to come into parliament in the next election by the backdoor.

    • Hun Boon says:

      I don’t think it’s just GCT, seems to be a PAP policy to censor unfavourable feedback (or disable ratings on their Youtube videos).

      I seem to recall a minister who got voted out in an election, but came back in a GRC the next. Do you remember which one?

  3. 2ndGenSGporean says:

    Even I want to buy a product (bond/insurance package). I also want to know why choose you, despite the companies had a strong background and history?

    You cannot even explain the product how would I buy ? Simple

    • Hun Boon says:

      Besides PAP’s arrogant image, they also have a problem with marketing themselves. They have been cruising along comfortably for so long, no wonder they fumble when suddenly asked to justify their selection.

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