Things They Say – Tin Pei Ling 1

By now, many Singaporeans would have heard that Tin Pei Ling’s greatest regret in life is not to have brought her parents to Universal Studio before becoming an MP (I know elections haven’t been held yet, but she’s fielded in a GRC…).

But what did she actually say? I’m (obviously) very free on this Good Friday and have transcribed the relevant passage from the video of that infamous interview.

Screen grab from ST Razor video

Is Tin Pei Ling a lightweight candidate lacking in experience and gravitas? Read and judge for yourself.

Interviewer: What’s your greatest regret? What’s the first thing you wanted to do after you became a candidate?

Tin Pei Ling:

“The greatest regret is that I didn’t manage to bring my parents to Universal Studio before then, because I, I foresee that in the upcoming days, it will be very busy.

Er.. and because I have been in the grassroots, I understand that the schedule for MPs.. the commitment is very high.

So er.. at the moment, I’m not sure whether er.. when.. how soon can I bring my parents to Universal Studio because I did promise them that I want to bring them there.. cos my mom is like, quite excited over it.

So, er, um, I, I guess er, when there is a time, I would, I would like to bring them.. there.

Actually all this time my.. my parents are very important to me. So er.. I must say I’m glad that before this, I managed to bring them to Italy.. where my.. it’s somewhere that my father has always dreamed of going. So after so many years of er.. working so hard to raise the family, I managed to fulfill that wish.. and er.. I feel very great about it.”

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