Walton International feeling the heat

With recent reports that land banking company The Profitable Group is in trouble, it is no wonder that this advertisement appeared in The Straits Times today:

Source: Straits Times

Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd is the other major land banking player in Singapore. They must be feeling the pressure from concerned investors who have heard the news about The Profitable Group refusing to pay investors their promised returns.

The advertisement was cleverly crafted to gently convey a message of trust and reliability. The timing was deliberate, appearing on the 13 June papers which they know would carry reports of the 12 June protests at Speaker’s Corner against The Profitable Group.

Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd (formerly known as Walton Development Asia (S) Pte Limited) was registered in Singapore in 1996, which gives them a 9-year headstart on The Profitable Group. One of the commenters on this Yahoo! article on The Profitable Group suggested that a company which has operated for 14 years in Singapore must be OK, otherwise it would have been shut down long ago.

I do not agree with this thinking. After all, troubled companies could fly under the radar for years before attracting adverse publicity. I will be doing my research and posting up a more detailed article about Walton International Group soon.

In the meantime, why not use these 3 common-sense guidelines to decide if you wish to invest with land banking companies?

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13 Responses to Walton International feeling the heat

  1. carol says:

    U said”I will be doing my research and posting up a more detailed article about Walton International Group soon?
    Did I miss out your posting about Walton International Group?

    • Hun Boon says:

      There weren’t any new postings about Waltons as I didn’t find any information of interest.

      • Rick says:

        Could it be said that UK land banking companies are, most of the time if not ALL the time, not what they seem to be. In other words, they are an elaborate scam?
        But what about Walton International? Walton has a proven track record especially in delivering returns to its investors, and it being a well-established Canadian MNC of 33 years, also it has been registered in Singapore since 1996. I want to know about Walton, from past investors who had good experience (i.e. genuine cash-out investments when their projects ‘exited’). Is Walton International the real deal??

  2. Me, Tom, Dick Or Harry says:

    I believe anyone can says that they have the good/bad experience with Walton, the best is to understand the company current situation in terms of their performance at least, e.g The total numbers plot of land they are currently holding; numbers that have exited & these investors have gotten their money back. This can give a very clear idea in a lot of ways.

    10 plot of land (the total land sizes but doesn’t matter of the figures, cause we just need to know the total number of lands the company holds)
    4 plot of land exited (Investor have gotten their cash back; within /over time-frame; if over, why?)
    1 plot of land half-exited (e.g. developer still owns some money to the land or etc)
    5 plot of land is still holding on to. (Question: Is this 5 still within the estimated hold time-frame? If not, why?

    I guess such are some investment risk that investor needs to judge.
    … ..

  3. Joe says:

    Edgeworth have failed, Profitable Plots have been charged with cheating. UK Land International failed. That seems to leave Jardin Smith International and Walton International as purveyors of land banking in Singapore. But neither seems to be showing any exits for investors and it would appear that a number of JSI staff have left to sell equally risky Plantation investments.

    Quite amazing that companies that apparently delivered such losses to so many investors for so many years can continue to function.

  4. Veronica Lee says:

    I was invited by a Chris to their Walton office recently. What he told me was a pack of lies. First, Walton in Malaysia was raided by Bank Negara, central Bank. Second, he said that the land is sold to investor at the rock bottom, what BS. When I did my reasearch, I realised that Walton buys the land very cheaply, at rock bottom but they in turn sells it to investors like us with a mark up of at least 5 times what the bought. Also, through my research, I found that there are investors who bought from them, but are still waiting for payout after 10 years! In such a case, the person is stuck with their ‘investments’ because to get out of the deal, Walton will buy back from the investors at a huge discount from what the investor originally paid for. So, my advise is, please don’t be fooled by the sales ptich!

  5. KEEP CALM says:

    Don’t be fooled by GUARANTEE payback. Some investment companies that GUARANTEE payback, but they cannot fulfill. When it is about the time when the “payback” time is due, and if they have cashflow problem. Example are like geneva, profitable plots, edgeworth… i don’t know who will join the list….. just don’t join the list of victims.
    WHEN A COMPANY GUARANTEE payback, they have higher risk exposure due to their contracts. In fact, they are very risky. Imagine you own a company ( PTE LTD or LLP), you have many guarantee contracts…. it only take 1 time of cashflow problem to kill the entire business.

    Age of the company matters. Many companies close within first 5 years of operations. Don’t believe, you could check with accountants or ACRA. Hence when a company is just starting out, it is better to let them grow for a period of 5-6 years, before you venture into any contracts signed with them. Around the time of 5-6 years, if a business is structurally unsound, cracks appearing.
    Sunshine, Genneva, Profitable plot, edgeworth … all closed at around 4-5years time frame. Be patient, and wait. It is a wiser policy.

    Jardin smith sales people are migrating into selling plantation.. it is a tell-tale sign that something is going on. Buyers beware…..

  6. Jag Jit says:

    Walton International closes local ops – Business News | The Star Online – http://www.thestar.com.my/Business/Business-News/2013/07/03/Walton-International-closes-local-ops.aspx

    • Kelvin says:

      Strange. Why walton Msia failed to meet Msian’s govt regulation while Walton Spore is growing? Don’t tell me Msian’s regulation is more stringent than Spore’s? Or was it Msian’s govt was expecting some “kopi” which the Canadian based company refused to give?

  7. day88888 says:

    some Walton investors are planning to see MAS soon。

  8. Jolene says:

    I am a current investor in Jardin Smith International Pte Ltd (JSI) based in Singapore.

    Besides land banking, JSI also secures investors for agricultural products.

    I was one of the earliest investor in their teak products (sold by APC and now fronted by APS as the marketing agent in Singapore).

    Since May 2014, I have been following up with JSI wrt my teak investments.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of unanswered questions to date and this eventually lead to APS offering a verbal package settlement when APS took over the case after the person in charge at JSI (Matthew) during the last quarter of 2014.

    More unfortunately, APS/JSI/APC are now refusing to fulfill some of the terms of the verbal settlement terms (yes, call me stupid or too trusting if you want for holding them to verbal agreements).

    I am currently exploring legal options at my end.

    For now, would like to share / encourage all teak investors to start asking questions including but not limited to the followings:-

    a) APC advise that APC has never sell Gliricida as an ongoing revenue as per the marketing materials presented to investors by JSI. APC only give returns on Gliricidia up to 5 – 6 years depending on the Teak growth rate.

    b) For investors with contract terms requiring APC to submit annual reports wrt to the growth status of your teak trees, please note that APC has not been submitting them for my case and it becomes a problem when I get a shock from the growth numbers specific to my trees.

    c) For investors who were given free 7 years old teaks (25 for every 250 teaks purchased), please check and ensure that the teak trees are growing normally (I was initially told my 25 11 year old free teak trees are worth only $1000 and later on quoted another number $11,000 when I challenged them). Anyway, the quotes are far from the the projected price and the measurement of the teak trees as at the 7th year onwards was not given for subsequent verification to establish the health of the trees at that point in time …. We were told they are healthy trees).

    d) For those who have received yearly reports from APC, you might want to verify the latest numbers for your teak trees as compared to the average numbers provided by the APC report. There is a huge gap for my case which cannot be reconciled.

    The above are the key issues I faced. Will leave it to you guys to find out more for yourself.

    Ps. These are the parties I deal with since May last year FYI … Matthew (ex JSI), Rai (JSI), Lynn (JSI), Ricco (ex JSI, currently APS), Richard (JSI, MY), Barry (APC).

  9. Donkey kong says:

    Any more news? They seems to hv started to collaborate with Canada pension fund.


    Cppib also works with GIC to buy a shopping mall in Seoul.


  10. Walton Scam Finally Exposed! says:

    As of last week, Walton has been forced to stop selling their product by the Alberta Securities Commission and they have entered into creditor protection in an attempt to organize their debt load. They are done! How can a company with their “successful” track record be in this position? They marked their projects up as high as 400% and had tours of the Alberta Securities Commission for foreign investors. I have a letter in my possession that sales people gave to potential clients that indicated the ASC gave them a clean bill of health. The ASC knew they were doing this to people all along!! Shame of the ASC!!

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