Top 5 reasons to install an in-car video recorder

After splurging on an in-car video recorder, I naturally must justify my purchase.

So here are my top five reasons for installing an in car video recorder:

5. It’s fun

Mainly I do it because it’s just so entertaining. I get hours of amusement simply from watching videos of my driving. It could be a totally mundane commute from my home to the office, but it just feels so different watching the video recording.

It’s almost like having an out of body experience – you have floated out from your body, and are now observing proceedings from a high vantage point.

Cheap thrill, I know, but still a thrill.

4. Become a safer driver

Having an in car video recorder installed is like having your parent sitting beside you in the car. You just have to drive more carefully, in case you needed to produce the video clip as evidence later. You wouldn’t want to look bad, would you?

3. Record interesting things you see on the road

I often see unusual or fascinating incidents while I’m driving, but it’s too dangerous to whip out my mobile phone to take a photo. My in-car video recorder acts as a permanent camera, and I can easily share it with my friends later.

For example, I saw a convoy of Lamborghinis along Orchard Road one recent weekend:

Pardon the low resolution, these were cropped screenshots. I’m still learning how to edit video clips. Any suggestions?

We counted at least 8 Lamborghinis in the “parade”.

2. Protect yourself with objective evidence in an accident

Who says Singaporeans have no creativity? Just listen to the stories that drivers can spin after an accident. Do your part to stop insurance premiums from rocketing by stomping out outrageous insurance claims.

Even if you are hit from behind, there is no guarantee of a 100% claim. It nearly happened to me.

1. Record your scenic drives

It’s great for recording your overseas driving trips. My parents have gone on two driving expeditions to China and Tibet. Imagine the spectacular scenery this baby would have captured.

You can start near. After all, Malaysia has some wonderful driving routes, especially along the East Coast (of Peninsular Malaysia. Not East Malaysia).

I’ve driven up to Kuantan on the old highway before, and it was truly exhilarating. A heady mixture of winding bends and long straights next to the glittering sea.

Let me know if you think of any other uses for it.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your own in-car video recorder today! You can find out more at the following web sites:

1. Vosonic (available at AA Autoshop at AA Centre or Kallang Leisure Park)
2. ViGi Drive (available at many auto retail stores)

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