Recycling at Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Singapore

Sunday is the day I do my weekly cleaning. Nothing clears the mind like a bit of uncluttering. Tidy room, tidy mind.

My session last weekend was particularly vigourous. It expanded to include other rooms in the house. Nothing remotely old or unused was spared.

By the time the dust settled, the pile consisted of: three computers, one monitor, three chairs, one abdominal training machine, one plastic bin, one printer, and a bag of clothes.

It seemed a pity to simply threw them away. Fortunately my mum knows just what to do with them.

She has previously volunteered at a Buddhist charity organisation called Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Singapore. They run a recycling program staffed by a team of volunteers.

They would meticulously sort out collected items, and even strip down electrical appliances for the precious metals inside. This way, they could get a higher value from the recycling companies, and more funds to run their charity programs.

We loaded the items into my car – that is the cool thing about driving a SUV. IKEA fans would know what I’m talking about.

Tzu Chi has a majestic building (静思堂 – “Jing Si Tang”, which literally translates as “quiet contemplation hall”) over at 9 Elias Road, just off the exit along Tampines Expressway.

I drove past their open air carpark, and pulled up into a huge warehouse.

There were bags piled up high everywhere. I noticed a bag filled entirely with empty Yakult bottles. These people were really meticulous.

A helpful volunteer came up with a trolley, and we simply handed everything to her. She asked which items were still usable, and we told her we weren’t entirely sure. With a smile, she replied that she will take care of it.

All done in five minutes.

I heard they even go out to the local residents in the Pasir Ris area and collect recyclable items from them.

It feels great that my rubbish could help the unfortunate. So the next time you do a spot of uncluttering, do give them a try.

Visit the Tzu Chi Singapore website for more information on their recycling program.

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