Book review: One-Minute Entrepreneur by Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard is the guy famous for his “One Minute ” series of business books. I’ve read the One Minute Manager before, and I’m betting that he’s written a One Minute Leader as well.

The “The One Minute Entrepreneur” is the kind of book you could breeze through in under an hour. Perfect for Borders because it’s near impossible to get a seat there.

It takes the form of a parable (fictional story that illustrates a moral). We follow Jud, the main character, as he progresses through different stages of life, and learns various valuable lessons from his mentors.

Here’s what I could remember of the book:

1. Cash, cash, cash
Always keep an eye on the cash flow because once the cash runs out, the business stops.

2. Always make sure that sales is more than your expenses
Related to point number one – Another common sense idea, but one that is surprisingly ignored.

3. Treat your employees right
See employees as partners, and they will be able to contribute much more. The old-fashioned authoritarian, command-and-control style of managing people is hopelessly outdated in this world.

4. The customer is king
Create raving fans that will help you spread the word of your business. Pay particular attention to the touch points where you and your staff interact with the customers.

There are some other lessons, but the above are the key ones.

They don’t sound very impressive when written down like this, but trust me, this book is entertaining and condenses timeless business principles into one slim volume.

So the next time you have an hour to burn at Borders, check out “The One Minute Entrepreneur” and let me know what you think.

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