Talk to your readers

One unexpected consequence of using the Dragon naturally speaking speech recognition software is that my writing becomes more conversational in tone.

I guess this is perfect for a blog because conventional wisdom encourages us to talk to our readers.

Compared to other written forms of communication, blogs are much more casual. This is all part of the freewheeling culture on the Internet – anything goes.

Of course, I don’t simply just open my mouth and talk to the software. In order to make sense, I have to plan ahead what I wish to say.

The software works best when I speak in short phrases or complete sentences. It tends to trip up when I speak single words. Its uses the context of neighbouring words to help it decide on the most likely homophones (words that sound identical, such as “their” and “there”).

The marketing spiel on the cover box claims that speaking is over three times faster than typing. I don’t doubt that, but the thing is when I put on my headset and sit down in front of the computer, very often, nothing comes out of my mouth. The slower speed of typing is actually conducive to my thinking and planning process.

Conclusion: The brain is slower than the mouth.

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